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Missing out on a face-to-face interview because your CV doesn’t stand out from the crowd? 
That sucks. 

And we understand that. At Accent, we believe that applying for a job should be fair. What’s more: that it can be fun. That you, the candidate, can be in control during the application process. That’s why we will not ask you for a CV or cover letter if you want to work with us. All we expect from our future colleagues is that they match our values and culture. 

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spark joy in their lives.           

That’s the dream we pursue at Accent. We welcome every talent. Regardless of gender, age, background, professional track record… If your values are in line with ours, we are very happy to welcome you on board.  


Working from an Accent office 

Do you want to match people to the most suitable vacancies, bringing job satisfaction to thousands of people? If so, a job as a recruiter, account manager or sales consultant is probably right up your street.   

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Working from our head office 

Our head office is committed to helping Accent grow by providing our local office network with the best possible support. A number of teams work together closely at our Accent Support Centre in Roeselare. 

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The job application process 

When you apply to Accent, you are in control of the rest of the application process. You’re in the driver’s seat.Here’s what you can expect from the process:  

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