Looking for an internship or holiday job that completes your education? No problem!

Our doors are always open to motivated interns and work-placement students. At Accent, you get the chance to discover what you like and what you are good at. We are happy to let you participate as a fully-fledged colleague in a team that matches your studies or field of interest. Last but not least, we are happy to take the time to provide you with intensive supervision.

Stage of vakantiejob

Internship in an office

There’s no better way to get a real taste of the human resources life than in an Accent office. You will learn to overcome your fear of picking up the phone, deal with different types of people and discover the extraordinary world of sales.

Internship at
our head office

Are you studying marketing, accounting, IT or something else in which you would like to gain practical experience during your studies? If so, we would be happy to supervise you during an internship or holiday job at our head office. We offer you the chance to spend a longer period working in the department that best suits your field of study.

Things you might want to know before applying for a job

What characterizes an internship or vacation job at Accent? A varied range of tasks, plenty of room for initiative and a springboard to a permanent job with us.



Internship at one
of the best employers in Belgium?

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